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This page is written by both of the game's inventors, Hernán Domínguez Placencia and Juan Pablo Schweitzer Kirsinger.

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George Duke wrote on 2010-06-11 UTC
Easter Island has CV now, so how about some follow-up CV for Chile? There is the sentence ''If an Ariki is surrounded totally [rodeado totalmente]....'' At first blush that would tend to answer my number (2) of yesterday's comment in neither Ariki nor Mato to'a being subject to capture at edge or corner by implication of the complete sentence. Dominguez Placencia and Schweitzer Kirsinger appear to have thought through most special cases and potential rules ambiguities. However on this matter, the same wording ''totally surrounded'' -- totalmente rodeado -- is used for Moais. Yet the intention must be for example Moais at a9 surrounded by enemy stones at a8, b8, and b9, is checkmated. So also Ariki can be captured at edge and corner despite interpretable ''totally surrounded.'' That still leaves the question whether Mato To'a is capturable, and either way would work and have own good logic. They offer flexibility in the array, being one possible CV for Chile at large. As Gilman does for domestic England, someone should make a special CV dedicated to each Latin American country. Great games. NextChess Track I has presently resolved into ordered 20 CVs when and if any outsiders ask what we stand for. The NextChess list referred to is led by Bifurcators #1, Great Shatranj #2, subject of course ongoing insertions shifting any the top 10-20 downwards or out the list. To be later related project is NextChess Track II in 2011, surely to include core Rococo, Philosopher's, Tetrahedral, and this Hanga Ra. No value judgements emphasized in the separation I Track, II Track, just practical matter the degree of dissimilarity to OrthoChess 64 squares. For instance, I prefer playing all the above Track IIs.

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