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David Howe wrote on 2010-01-03 UTC
Mea Culpa. I have been terrible about processing email for the past few
months. I plan to start catching up soon. Apologies to all who have written
in and have not received any response. IMO 'old style' pages that need
updating should be converted to member submitted pages. I am not aware of
issues with updating the newer member submitted pages. Perhaps they've
been emailed to me and are sitting in my in-box right now. In any case, I
will be getting to the email soon. I promise. It's one of my many unspoken
(until now) new years resolutions.

By the way, if any one out there is interested in assisting with the site
as a volunteer, please let me know. This site runs on pure volunteerism. I
pay for the hosting and domain names, although this gets supplemented with
income from ads (another aspect I have been neglecting).

Let me wish all our readers, our active community of commenters, our Game
Courier players, our designers and authors, and our volunteers a very Happy
and Healthy New Year. We are a small community, but active and energetic. I
am glad this site can provide a focal point for discussion, design,
creative expression, exploration and playing.

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