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George Duke wrote on 2009-12-10 UTC
''What do you think about the future of Chess?,'' CVPage founder Bodlaender asked Betza. A current comment refers to ''No Chess,'' and that's been discussed here in CVP. NoChess was topic for one place in several interviews. Bodlaender would ask the interviewee, will Chess cease when Computers and high technology render play meaningless? Answered Betza in 1997: ''F.i.d.e. Chess is only a small part of Chess: it is perhaps not the most popular, and yet it has probably been played too much.'' That was 12 years ago. The Variant Chess credo is that 64-square Chess is going to be replaced, notwithstanding occasional overtures even by a cvpage Editor to squelch the trend; cvp is only one domain of chess after all. It should be serious work to develop standards of play for the good of education of youngsters. Qualities of self-control, pattern recognition, making choices. The humour and silliness are the wild and crazy CVs, in fact numbering the majority of CVPage material, of no real value, you know the types, written by anyone who wants lacking Betza's panache.

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