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This page is written by the game's inventor, Köksal Karakus.

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George Duke wrote on 2009-11-05 UTC
Al-Ces a few years after Assassination Chess also has an Assassin. The two piece-types are different. There is bound to be duplication in naming with so many CVs and piece-types. Frequently we find the same piece as to how it moves under multiple names, like Carrera Centaur BN. Just look through Man&Beasts 01 through 22 for hundreds of other examples. Also, Truelove's list is organized somewhat that way. The same name for different pieces may be just as common under misguided and pointless proliferation. This Assassin is a divergent piece after Divergent Chess pieces, but there are earlier examples of the class in 'ECV'. ''The class'' has not much to do with either case of repeat naming and is still another important cross-category. The class would be what the unit actually does in common with others, or is excluded from. Now Gilman's criticism is right and wrong. He is right there should be new names for this Gold General and Silver General. What is missed is that there are only one of each and they are deliberately powerful pieces in Al-Ces. The regular Pawns of Al-Ces are ordinary western divergent Pawns with the strange and useful one-time two step, eventually forcing us to accept en passant.

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