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George Duke wrote on 2009-11-03 UTC
When the King is killed, the game is not over, it goes on. See the rules. Thanks, Seth and Dave. 5 years ago I found this Assassination Chess from 1998. It revolves around the Teleporters. When T switches, he himself goes back to the Home Row, 3 or 8. What you do is get a cheap piece forward, the Teleporter Pawn, and then swap the good piece forward if or when it's safe. ''A Teleporter is allowed to teleport another teleporter'' -- the null move, not unheard of around here. Well, no, this null move isn't really, for it does something, because it had to move at least to where it went and then he can(must) go to any Home Square, when the other one takes the new place. It's jockeying for position. This is a case where the Centaur works or rather King plus Centaur. Gilman may use the suffix -ruler for this in m&b08, so Prince and this Princess are CentaurRuler or CardinalRuler here, but there's really just adding Wazir. In any case, simple compound of Carrera-Bird-Capablanca mold is okey-doke here because the Teleportings by any of ten are new strategy aplenty. The rules are fluid in respect to when the game always definitely ends and whether opposite sides' mixed teleporting is ever a consideration. --the obligatory ''variants'' of upheaval other words, make your own suppositions, or cough up or cook a new cv to clarify out of the broad-scale teleporter template. Fertile ground.

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