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This page is written by the game's inventor, Joe Joyce.

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George Duke wrote on 2009-08-18 UTC
I like these things for a gag, as rated 9.June.08, a novelty like Schizophrenic, insofar as intimidation is not attempted. A logical complementary pair, one of many, 
O_Z_O_X_O_Z_O  Joyce's Bent Hero and Bent Shaman add complications to 
Z_O_X_X_X_O_Z  natural moves of Knight and short-range Rook and Bishop.
O_X_O_X_O_X_O  The destination diagram for B.H. is represented by all
X_X_X_S_X_X_X  the X's. (1) Rook-3, called Trebouchet (0,3) requires
O_X_O_X_O_X_O  vacancy at either r-2 or r-1. (2) Knight spaces require
Z_O_X_X_X_O_Z  vacancy differently at either an r-2 or r-1 also. R-3 and
O_X_O_X_O_X_O  Knight are two-path, and R-1 and R-2 one-path. To experts, Leman. Shat. is as playable as it is unnatural, though B. S. as a piece is less so and more so respectively. Singly or dually they are decorative art one might see glorified -- as they should be -- on an Aztec stone mural or Navajo blanket for symmetry. Destination diagram for B. Shaman is represented by all the O's. (1) Camel squares require vacancy at either Ferz or Dabbabah. (2) Tripper requires such void at either Ferz or Alfil. Now with comprehension we see that Camel space (B.S.) is available neither by direct leap nor by way of the 3 Falcon pathways. Knight space (B.S.) is available neither by direct leap -- that even your 5-year-old should know inside out -- nor even by any diagonal one-step component at all in the pathway. Fine that's the way it is. Showing absurdity as entertainment, B.H. commands the triangle with sides a4-d7 and d7-d4 and d4-a4, thus excluding only the one square most natural of all, center c5. Let's isolate just the 16 squares, O Shaman, X Hero etc.
X_O_Z_O How many ways can we keep the S starting square and two Zebra
X_X_O_Z exclusions and divide the remaining 13 as being of 8 and of 5?
X_O_X_O 1287 ways. 1287 New World patterns. If each CVPage generation
S_X_X_X is 3 years, and there is one Joe Joyce each generation, in 3861 years we can run through these more or less arbitrary divisions of surrounding 7x7 space.

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