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This page is written by the game's inventor, Joe Joyce.

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George Duke wrote on 2009-08-17 UTC
I was Zodiac. (3,3) is Tripper for decades not just Gilman, but George Jeliss' ''All the King's Men.'' So opaque Bent Shaman is fourfold-optional-serial-compound of Ferz, Alfil, Camel and Tripper with nuances for required intervening vacancy when going three steps out. I think Gilman mostly stops at tri-compounds. Bent Hero is a 1-2-3 Rook plus Knight for destinations similarly nuanced for slot-vacancy options -- making the Knight and Rook-3 pathways contingent. They both could be characterized as two-path to half of their each four kinds of squares. 4 kinds+4 kinds=8 kinds, and there are only 9 ''types of squares'' in surrounding 7x7 set of squares. That means between them B.S. and B.H. use 8 of the 9, excluding only Zebra. B.S. and B.H. are funny pieces, like from a Betza article in the best (or worst) spirit of upstart CVs having entertainment value. For clarity, Joyce's ''intermediate empty landing square'' and ''take-off square'' immediately below three lines are intending to indicate one and the same functional square, just one square at a time, not two.

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