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George Duke wrote on 2009-07-23 UTC
Rerunning more poems yet uncommented for newcomers since aught-6 in this case. To the question by line 3, ''Should variant themes even have a voice?'': Absolutely affirmative. The variant themes are fairy chess of old. [The main-line consensus revolves around Hutnik's IAGO's centerpiecing 2 Winther CVs on 8x8, 2 Gilmans, 1-2 Betzas, 1 Gifford and 15 others up to 8x10, and one only 10x10, and one wildcard like Tetrahedral. There are about 10 threads converging on the general idea. Whether the simplification features 20 CVs or the 50 CVs Joyce once espoused is down to the details. Then increasingly junk the artwork, and stifle by counterexample any residual repetitious uninformed negativism, if not exiting of its own accord, swamped by enlightenment.] ''A million times a crime they call a war,'' against the hypocrisy of the last 5000 years, originates in wording of Charles Fort from 'The Book of the Damned' series; Fort also has another lead-in quote here. ''At sixes and sevens'' is legitimate idiom to describe state of confusion. Subthemes: (1) Does Science have a purpose? (2) Struggle is the flip side of Chess as moral force -- irrespective the lighter side of Chess in fairies.

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