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George Duke wrote on Tue, Jun 30, 2009 07:01 PM UTC:Excellent ★★★★★
To the contrary, grounding in the mathematics of chessboard and pieces is essential to avoid triviality. See ChessboardMath, ChessboardMath-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and -6. Moreover, to David Pritchard just the term ''a designer'' is silly cliche again, since he points out in Intro to 'ECV' that ''anyone can make up a CV in a minute.'' Dark forces within CVPage have encouraged the pointless practice, some past contests themselves standing on the idle principle. Pull a random soul off the street to carry the placard ''Designer.'' Why make CVart no one can possibly take time to play? Don't ask, don't answer. Some prolificists with over 15 so-called CVs have not designed anything really, because of ignorance of past chess-form history. One unfortunate case glories in contempt for historicity within comments here. Recall that the greatest variantist (with Betza) T.R. Dawson has nary a full rules-set to convey. On the contrary, always fully grounded in what has been done before him are Gilman's 200 CVs, and he happens to have mentioned up to 10 of them in 'M&B01 to M&B05' already. 3d Minishogi is offered up in 'M&B04' as having suitably logical promotion rules for generals, as to movement directions in 3d. Gilman's ethos gives the sense of recognizing the unlikelihood most his art ever being played extensively, often theme-based or nomenclature-emphasized and most clearly for strictly entertainment viewing and intellectual analysis. Ideally in foreseeable future, Gilman may be pressed upon to single out differently 2-3 Gilmans, Winther 2-3 Winthers, likewise one or more each by panel from Gifford, Betza, and some 10 others etc. for clear field of 20 CVs to play extensively, dump the rest, add an afterthought-handful of deliberate mutators a la Betza, one or two wildcards -- Tetrahedral? :-(!); and then peripheral entities to CVPage would oversee a million games played by 2015. And expect continued play of those thoughtfully and logically chosen through mid-century. The era of ego-driven proliferation by the trillions dead with the times. Yeah, I remember....necessity.

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