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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Charles Daniel.

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Matthew La Vallee wrote on 2009-06-07 UTC
I must say that I, for one, have become awfully weary of your increasingly vitriolic AND increasingly incoherent postings, Mr. Duke. I have been reading your postings for several years now, and I have held my tongue until now. I can do so no longer. It is conventional wisdom that opinions which are meant to be constructive, be they positive, or even quite negative, are one thing- they are important, and, ultimately, positive in intent. Conversely, your mean-spirited, belligerent words may, to you, sound like 'constructive criticism,' but I feel that your words are meant to serve another purpose: they are more like a punch in the face. You are clearly not a kind man. You may even be a cruel man. To me, you, and your unrelenting postings, are a sort of 'thorn in the side' of this well-intentioned website. I know that I am not alone in this opinion. Maybe I have been too harsh, here, and I will regret these words, but I am angry. Perhaps, Mr. Duke, you should re-focus your attentions on Falcon Chess, its patented piece, and the 'Odes' you have written about them, and let the rest of us continue to play, and create our, in your estimation, thoroughly terrible and utterly unplayable games- in peace. If this site has become so bad, perhaps you should simply leave it.

By the way, the 'South American the wild and creative' to whom I think you are referring is actually from Mexico...

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