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George Duke wrote on Tue, May 26, 2009 06:36 PM UTC:
Another game with plural promotion opportunities, like Pocket Mutation, is Tamerspiel. The second promotion is the last though in the present work. For example, once promoting Vizier to Lion, Lion can then promote in its turn to Warlord (which is just new name for Amazon).  I think you have to go to the other citadel square for that second promotion.   The other opportunities are Firzan -> Eagle -> Queen, and Guard -> Champion -> Supercav; requiring going cross-board to the other citadel corner square to re-promote so. Supercav is Cavalier of nice Renaissance (he spells it differently) Chess plus King non-royal. There are other pieces restricted to promote once only, and the royal King himself can promote the one time to Tetrarch, who just adds the second square diagonally. Let's see: so-called ''Pocket Mutation'' is March 2003, and ''Tamerspiel'' is December 2002. If P.M. were called Citadel Promotion instead, it may have had small following. If Tamerspiel were even able to be called Citadel Chess, it might be more appreciated. Face it, ''Pocket'' is catchy. Pocket Knight Hans Bodlaender described as once his favourite CV in youth. You have to spend some time on naming; take some lessons from nomenclative masters Betza, Gilman, Gifford. We can easily imagine, beginning low, hundreds of permutations in the genre of *plural promotion*, and then gradually thousands, because of being able to vary board size from Pocket Mutation 8x8 to Tamerspiel big 8x12, and everything in between, altering piece mixes, one for each day of a 40,000-day life (Delphinidaean anyway). Now by plural promotion, or multiple, we mean the same cycle from one original piece, whereas some term like ''divergent promotion'' might refer to Shogi binding each piece to its own different promotee. That could be enough to get started on the first hundred CVs plurally promoting.  Name three others already existing.

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