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George Duke wrote on 2009-03-10 UTC
Winter 2002-2003 under discussion for Ramayana had two moralities, ''IX: Sacrifice'' and ''X: Seven Wonders'' (February 2003) never commented. So newcomers or Gilman mythologists may be unaware of themes. Indic 'Bhagavad Gita' respectfully introduces. Every third morality has refrain for Sun:Falcon, Luna:Pawn, Mars:Knight, Mercury:Bishop, Jupiter:King, Venus:Queen, Saturn:Rook; still the days of week. This one also now has Falcon-Pyramid, Artemis' Temple Pawns, Collosus of Rhodes Knight, Lighthouse Pharos Bishop, Statue of Zeus King, Hanging Gardens Queen, and Mausoleum Rook. / / / / / / / / / / [Annotations later: (1) Refrain ''Bodies streaming equal timed and spaced swaths'' of course is Kepler's law, and the morality hangs on the wall of one astronomy professor's office. (2) Introduction: Frenchman Robert Desnos was extremely prolific. (3) Luna: The science is there in that with excellent conditions rainbows are sometimes seen over lakes at night by moonlight. (4) Mars: Seven gods of luck are Japanese. (5) Mercury: Speculate that for cognoscenti Bhagavad Gita in chapter 10 over 2 millennia ago may be referring to anatomical knowledge that horses and humans have basically seven openings you can feel in four chambers. (6) Jupiter: Ironically the eighth part of speech is interjection that he is using at the time. (7) Venus: ''The seven stars'' are the Pleiades who have their own 5 moralities.]

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