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je ju wrote on 2009-02-05 UTC
2008 Pot Luck tournament has come to an end!!!!

While round two saw more time-outs/resignations than actually completed
games, all participants can be proud of their results!!

Starting with Group B, the 'losers bracket', we have a tie at the top:

1. Jejuejejeu - 4-1-1
1. Donutdonut - 4-1-1
3. JuanRodriguez - 3-3-0
4. George Duke - 0-6-0 

And in Group A, our 'champions group', we have an undefeated champion:

1. Joe Joyce 6-0-0
2. CarlosCarlso 3-3-0
3. Charles Daniel 3-3-0
4. Graeme Grayhawke - resigned

Congratulations to Joe on being the Champ!!!

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