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Joe Joyce wrote on 2009-01-10 UTC
HG, George, sorry for taking so long to reply to your comments. I was looking over comments about piece strengths, and ran across several here by Mr Muller, and one by Mr Duke. [I suspect I addressed at least part of this in previous comments off-topic, but I should/need to tie it all together here.] I appreciate the comments you gentlemen have made. HG, your work on piece values is especially welcomed and I again would like to thank you for the time you have put into this question. The amount of computer work you have done is truly amazing. George, thank you for the comment and rating; HG has the right of it, however; the FAN and the WDN are the real pieces, with both the knight and either the alfil or dabbaba leap. In fact, this game design started my fascination with short range pieces that could leap. I find it surprising that seemingly no one else has used these pieces in games. I find them beautiful and logical pieces, as well as rather obvious, because they are really just cut-down, or better, shatranjized, BN and RN pieces. I'd be honored to have them appear on a variant server. 

EDIT: My memory is even worse than usual; Joshua Morris uses both pieces in Kozune [posted onsite].

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