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Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-12-08 UTC
Okay, we seem to be back. 

Fergus, could you give carlos carlos some time back in these tourney

Grand Shatranj	carlos-joejoyce-2008-303-724 	30' 20' ago	Joe Joyce has
won.	N/A	Delete
Falcon Chess	joejoyce-carlos-2008-303-721 	30' 21' ago	Joe Joyce has
won.	N/A	Delete

He should get at least 50 hours back in each game, if possible. Heh, I
admit to hoping he'd run out of time, because he was down to 2 days in
Grand Shatranj, and not a lot more in Falcon, but having the entire site
down for 4 days was not what I had in mind...


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