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George Duke wrote on 2008-12-01 UTC
In keeping with new ideas in Physics, there could be alternative 'TCVP'es in proximate worlds. There is no need for any new CVs except by common assumption among obscurantist prolificist, bored with themselves. Thomas R. Dawson and Sam Loyd, in any universe, would scoff at the idea that anyone should claim ''invention'' of more than one ''CV,'' and hold most should refrain entirely, faced with current practice. Loyd and Dawson worked entirely differently, in published problems that thousands actually tried to solve. If there is not interaction with the public, or a growing public, there is nothing. That was Fairy Chess domain. Dawson, Loyd, Boyer, Parton (Betza too for a story sometime) would see what 2008-2009 CVP does under proliferation as likely, or destined by common consent, to die out in couple of years. That is, on the scale of more or less pointless enormous production. Now one alternate CVP, the many of them spinning off in hidden dimensions right in front of us, could be all Fiction, literature and poetry only, on pre-existing forms of note by others. 'The Chess Artist', ''A Quiet Game of Chess'' and ''The Hitchhiker's Guide to Chess'' all included. Also, written before the millennium (the one around 2000), this one Morality opens the series propounding the undifferentiability of Falcon from the other standards Rook, Knight, and Bishop, taken as the whole of complementarity they are representing not only allegorically.

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