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George Duke wrote on 2008-11-25 UTC
Proliferating happily, we left off here in June 2008 with one CV per atom within the solar system out to Saturn. That is, by correspondence one-to-one. We never exceed 32 Mutators active at once, fewer than more complicated games like Nemeroth. Joyce has asked about sizes of boards. Under RN301 we have, other than 8x10, only square sizes up to 16x16 and those where number of ranks and files differ by just one like 10x11. That needs to be remedied, as there is a popular one today that appears 17x9. One upcoming Rule-Numbered mutator will accommodate unusual size boards systematically by mathematical notation, not one after another in dreary specificities. It is tricky because changing the number of files must also add or subtract appropriate corresponding pieces, singly or paired, in the starting array. So we need to hierarchize the pieces to use beyond Rook, Knight, Bishop. (We have no intention to shrink the board -- leave that for others -- so RNB will always be there.)

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