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This page is written by the game's inventor, Jörg Knappen.

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George Duke wrote on 2008-11-21 UTC
Notice Knappen does not burden reader with actual embodiments, but instead these are study games. Joerg Knappen's Nachtmahr is one of the best articles in all CVPage history, as article in the top-ten with several of Betza's. It describes all possible different Nightrider varieties. I considered adding Knappen's Quintessential to NextChess3 already, but decided it is more Track Two. I saw initials of ''JKn'' for comments being discussed, but honestly have not sorted out who said what at some new CV this week, for prioritizing time. This comment just tags the information, wanting to cite Knappen's work occasionally regardless. CVPage hall of fame of couple dozen creators would include Knappen with such stars as Betza and Peter Aronson. The early years quality was routinely high. (Except Rococo, Aronson's CVs are all too ignored, mentioned before as on my to-do.) Now importantly here six of the seven are multi-path pieces. Which one is not? What one Nightrider is one-path only?

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