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je ju wrote on 2008-10-14 UTC
Based on rankings current as of the start of the tournament, each group
looks like this:

Top group, playing for the PotLuck2008 Title!

Charles   Birds (vs Graeme) Stealth (vs Joe ),	Titans (vs Carlos)
Joe     Atlantean (vs Charles), Grand (vs Carlos), Lemurian (vs Graeme)
Carlos  Falcon (vs Joe), Hole (vs Graeme), Wormhole (vs. Charles)
Graeme  Circular(vsCarlos),Modern Courier(vsCharles),Save/Standard        

Second Tier, playing for pride and a can of corn*.

George   Altair (vs Juan ),JacksWitches (vs Jeju),Rococo(vsDonut)
Jeju    Eight Stone (vs George ),Racing (vs  Donut), Wuss II (vs  Juan)
Donut 	Hammer (vs Jeju), Korean (vs Juan), Rollerball (vs George)
Juan   Bachelor (vs  Donut), Hostage (vs  George),Switching (vs  Jeju)

*In order to receive the prize, one must appear in person at a designated
location, which shall be so designated at the completion of this

If anyone has the talent and time to make this part of the schedule (round
two, not the can of corn collection part) into a chart of some sort, as
Graeme so ably did last time, that would be appreciated.

Carlos will offer to assign the games and get them started when he has
time.  Once he does that, game on.  If you find any time goofs in the game
settings, report them to Carlos and he should be able to restart the game.

(copied and pasted from 3rd courier tournament page, written by Fergus)

Time Controls
Game Courier has very versatile and sophisticated time controls, and
will be used to time all games in the tournament. Details on how time
controls work can be found in the User's Guide. The same time controls
will be used for each game. Here's what I propose to use:
Pace:	4 moves per week
Spare Time:	14 days
Grace Time:	24 hours
Extra Time:	8 hours
Bonus Time:	6 hours for moving within 24 hours
If two players attain the same score, ties will be broken by the
methods in a topdown order:
Buchholz / Solkoff method (Compares scores of all opponents defeated by
tied players.) 
Sonneborn-Berger (Compares scores of all opponents defeated or tied
with tied players.) 
Number of Wins (Wins count as 1, ties as nothing.) 
Most Blacks (Whoever has won more games as the second player wins the

Good luck to all!  Any problems found in any of the above, let me know.

Note to Rich:  Based on how long round one took...can't imagine there's
any way we'll have this wrapped up in calendar year least not
the top tier.

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