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This page is written by the game's inventor, Köksal Karakus.

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George Duke wrote on 2008-09-24 UTC
SuperChess and Monarch posted in 2001 and get invention around 1993. So, Karakus' adding standard Amazon(RNB) to 8x8 is preceded by the Dutch system of about 50 variant pieces (I only identify some of them so far including Amazon.) Michael Howe made CVs like that too in 1990's from Optima to Novo with many, many pieces to select. Comments of Perfect are interesting here of Trice (Gothic Chess) and Betza (gnohmon). Betza cites in 2003 comment his own Tutti Frutti from 1970's, which Perfect only changes the array. The era of artwork not particularly to be played ironically includes computer implementations, truth be told. Just look at many wonderful Game Courier presets gathering dust or aether. One of the real exceptions for sure is Gothic website last I looked about 2006. For all Trice's attributed overbearing, details of which most of us have no information, Trice seems actually to establish play in his particular array(8x10) of 400-year-old Carrera's. It must be some insiders' joke whatever Trice did, and thankfully spare us: please keep it that way. Yet why anyone uses the Gothic array aside from Trice, or ridicules it or its owner, is confusing since there are 20 others not patented as good for mediocrely-playable but greatly-inventive Carrera's. Now back to standard size 8x8 with Amazon. I am skeptical of all the members of category, because when including (RBN) in a CV artwork, usually Champion(RN) and Centaur(BN) tag along. The three in many conversations have appeared less interesting than other available resources, short- and mid-range, to be re-inventoried somewhat in follow-up CVs(8x8) recalled to life from near oblivion.

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