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Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-09-20 UTC
For track 2, since it is for fun, and not for serious chess replacement games, I'd like to add another board size/shape, the 16x12, 16 squares wide, and 12 deep. At 176 squares, this is 3 standard boards in area. I've found that reducing the starting piece density [from FIDE's 50%] helps manageability and playability. A 33% density to start gives 32 pieces & pawns/side, noticeably easier to deal with than 50%'s 48 pieces/side. At this size, I also advocate multi-move turns to speed things up. This combination of larger board and several moves/turn allows a whole range of new games - just where they'd fit in the 91.5 trillion, I don't know. ;-) But it's a convenient size to try out new effects. And now, I bid you good night [and probably should have before I wrote this]. Enjoy.

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