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This page is written by the game's inventor, C. Boeree.

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George Duke wrote on 2008-09-15 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Melee's checkmate-capture would be rare, and instead the alternate win condition of occupying opponent's castle will determine outcome. When Boerce says Melee ''accentuates the pawns' role,'' he means the Pawn-like pieces roles, as there are no promoting Pawns at all in another interesting '9x9'. Duniho's British, renamed Caissa Britannia, takes the idea without attribution of Queen as the royal piece from Melee, as Melee's one other Comment all ten years of Melee's existence points out. Duniho always carefully waited or obscured enough before borrowing. Boerce made three games by 2002 and never a Comment. So, Melee's features became fair game for re-use. In fact, the only other Comment in ten years is my Comment too 10.April.2008, citing the irony. Duniho influences in detailed Piececlopedia article (under Chancellor) chess artists to be aware in general that Champion(RN) and Centaur(BN) already exist, when including them in new artwork. Preoccupied by Baseball Chess for 20 Comments, we still want to study why so many 9x9 CVs look so presentable for display. Melee needs to be included with the dozen others, enumerated for ChessboardMath3 from fall 2007, all to be moved soon to ChessboardMath5. Fine Melee got lost in the shuffle because of being seen six months later. Indeed it would be melee of Shogi-strength diverse Pawn-types, weaker pieces trying to checkmate King(Prince) moving as Queen.

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