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This page is written by the game's inventor, Modest Solans.

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George Duke wrote on 2008-07-18 UTC
Chess, Cards, Dice and Literature. Solans quotes Thomas Rayner Dawson, ''It is by accident that within the development of normal chess our attention has been distracted by a thousand years, rather more than sufficient, away from other varieties of Chess. In times to come, ordinary Chess will settle back naturally to its logical place as a particular kind of chess in the midst on an infinite number of others.'' ''For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground/ And tell sad stories of the death of kings: / How some have been depos'd, some slain in war, Some haunted by the ghosts they have depos'd, Some poison'd by their wives, some sleeping kill'd: All murder'd...'' --Shakespeare, R II 3.2.156. Well, we added the second one, but it sounds as Chess-like as Charles Gilman's Kipling's ''Runnymede'' at Magna Carta Chess: ''When through our ranks the Barons came All resolute to play the Game And there they launched in solid line the first attack on right divine, the curt uncompromising 'Sign!'''

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