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H. G. Muller wrote on 2008-06-27 UTCPoor ★
I think this page does a very poor job in describing Falcon Chess compared to the compact description other CVs get on these pages. And this for addition of only a single new piece, for which the move rules could have been described (within the context of what can be supposed common background knowledge for visitors of these pages) with the in a single sentence:

'The Falcon is a lame (1,3)+(2,3) compound leaper, which follows any of the three shortest paths to its desination consisting of orthogonal and diagonal steps, which can be blocked on any square it has to pass over to reach its destination.'

That, plus possibly a diagram of the Falcon moves and a diagram of the array should have been sufficient. As it is now, I could not even find the rules for promotion amongst the landslide of superfluous description.

Note that my rating only applies to the page, not to the game. I haven't formed an opinion on that yet, it could be the greatest game in the World for all I know.

I have a question, though:

What exactly does the patent cover? As a layman in the field of law, I associate patents with material object which I cannot manufacture and sell without a license. Rules for a Chess variant are not objects, though. So which of the following actions would be considered infringements on the Falcon patent, if performed without licensing:

1) I play a game of Falcon Chess at home
2) I publish on the internet the PGN of a Falcon Chess game I played at home
3) I write a computer program that plays Falcon Chess, and let it play in my home
4) I publish on the internet the games this program played
5) I conduct a Falcon Chess tournament with this engine in various incarnations as participant, and make it available for life viewing on the internet
6) I post my Falcon-Chess capable engine for free download on my website
7) I post the source code of that engine for free download on my website
8) I sell the engine as an executable file
9) I sell a staunton-style piece set with 10 Pawns, orthodox Chess men, and two additional, bird-like pieces
10) I sell a set of small wooden statues, looking like owls, falcons, elephants and lions, plus some staunton-style pawns, plus a 10x8 board.

And more specifically: would it require a license to equip my engine Joker80 to play Falcon Chess (next to Janus, Capablanca and CRC) and post it on the internet for free download? If so, could such a license be granted, and what would be the conditions?

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