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frozen_methane wrote on 2008-06-16 UTCExcellent ★★★★★

Your previous comment seems to assume that all inventors don't play their own variants.

I tried out variants by playing them or at least trying to visualize playing them. Many theoretical novelties are praised on this site (mostly by one person) but are not very playable at all. One can easily distinguish between playable art and non-playable art, though they are some in between.

I tried Omega, Gothic/Capablanca versions/ Seirawan and a host of others. Omega is by far the most playable game.
If anything it is hard for me to determine which is more playable among Omega and some of my games (though I would of course be biased to lean towards mine). But MANY players have also played Omega and compared to Chess and their impressions are far more favorable than for any other variant.

So at the very least Omega is closer to the NEXT chess than any other game.

To move away to more open source type games: Birds and Ninjas, Stealth Ninja Chess are a few of my offerings with similar balance and ideas.

It looks like what is needed are high caliber play-testers - players with 2500 + Elo would be very welcome but will they play chess variants?

Take a look at this item. Omega Chess already has high caliber play testers.

Case closed.

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