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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Hans Aberg.

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H.G.Muller wrote on 2008-05-02 UTC
Fairy-Max is already able to play most Chess variants, and WinBoard
protocol already supports those variants. Many engines are now able to
play Capablanca-type variants under WinBoard protocol, some of them quite
strong. But as I already have accurate piece values, and my engines seem
to be significantly stronger than the competition in any Chess variant I
have bothered to configure them for, there is no incentive whatsoever to
do as you say. First build an engine that beats mine, then I might worry
when apparent misevaluations of a position correlate with the presence or
absence of certain pieces.

I have no interst in convincing anyone to use my empirically derived piece
values. On the contrary, if engine builders want to insist on using guessed
piece values that make their engines play losing Chess, I only applaud it,
as it means my engines will remain the best forever. If someone wants to
prove that there exists a set of piece values that works better, I
encourage them to do it (and then I mean by play-testing, rather than idle
talk or fanciful numerology). I am not going to waste my time on such a
wild goose chase.

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