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Rich Hutnik wrote on 2008-04-01 UTC
Ok, you can finalize the details, and get this nailed down.  Then decide
whether or not it will be on.  We can actually add it to the IAGO World
Tour after it starts, it will just be late getting on.  If it feels like
it is done before November, that is good.  Having it go into 2009 would be
an issue though :-).

Anyhow, I will let you finish up the details.  All that is needed is that
the event produces a winner, then I would need to know the number of
players total (don't need report that anywhere else except in the Tour
grand total), and also who won (their name) and their City and Country
(possibly also State if in USA).  Having a nickname is also cool, and can
be added.  Like saying 'Donut Donut' is the winner, but need the name
:-).  I would say nicknames are even encouraged for marketing purposes.  A
user name can serve as a nickname here.

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