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George Duke wrote on 2008-03-31 UTC
We think two games in ''real time'' would be more exciting [with or without kibitzing] than any one
whole tournament over months or year. For example, Gifford v. Fourriere
at CDA Colourbound Clobberers, Nutty Knights, Friday 12:00; or Paulowich
v. Joyce at Unicorn Chess Sat. 10:00 -- to be concluded the same day.
Fergus Duniho once scotched the idea because of different time zones. 
Brainking site has same defect of games being continually adjourned, 
in effect, by having weeks really to play,  and so whoever devotes
off-time to study positions can upgrade play. Some players actually do
worse when having to re-think half-forgotten position after a week, instead of concentrating as deeply as possible on one score to finish in one (or two) day.  Jeremy Good used to be able to play move every 30 seconds in multiple games, yet stayed low in  Rating. In OrthoChess, except correspondence, adjournment is thing of the past. Someone else can research or inform on this better, or have knowledge about Chess sites playing with time controls, but concluding right away the same day. Stories like Bobby Fischer's figuring out some great move overnight for game adjourned (for one day only) do not occur today, do they?

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