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Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-03-30 UTC
I had the chance to play this game at NonCon [Vassar College - Feb 22-24] a few weeks ago; it's a very interesting and challenging game. I have to admit I didn't play the game totally seriously; I couldn't resist playing B-N5, then moving my opponent's R3 square sideways, so he couldn't chase my bishop with his pawn - sort of a childhood fantasy come true. While plays like that did cost me the game, this little bit of description gives you a slight idea of what goes on in this game. One thing I noted was that the plastic board squares were thick and dense enough to work as advertised - they were easy to manipulate, and tended to stay in place, rather than start wandering around from nudgings during movement, as I'd originally feared. It's a nice idea, decently presented.

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