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George Duke wrote on 2008-03-28 UTC
RN220 Northern Exposure[TM] Pawns -- disclaimer at 219. Each of 7 piece-types individually deserve fuller treatment. Six of them are Holling Vincouer Rooks, Chris Stevens Knights, Joel Fleischman Bishops, Maggie O'Connor Falcons, Maurice Minnifield Kings, Shelly Tambo Queens. Ed Chigliak Pawns(ECP) and Marilyn Whirlwind Pawns(MWP) follow. The case 'RN220b' right below represents one of first couple instances so far we have had of a RN 'calling' another RN. The real over-all development trends toward #CVs exceeding # elementary particles in this known Universe (a) no effect (b) Call 'RN219n', but instead, ECP and MWP are alternately a-file Pawn, b-file Pawn, c-file... (The largest board size 16x16 under 'RN301 Sizing' thus has MWP as p-Pawn.) (c) 'b' except ECP cannot move as the nearest piece of choice from an array position (d) 'b' except ECP only so move within far half of board (Recall that under RN 219 throughout, any friendly Pawn close by negates the empowerment: so ECP are most often ordinary Western Pawn.) (e) 'b' for ECP takes effect only after Move 15. (f) 'b' for MWP dis-allows capture orthogonally backwards. (g) 'b' for MWP captures orthogonally backwards only. (h) 'b', MWP promote immediately upon crossing center line. (i) 'b' except the distribution in initial set-up requires players pre-select and -place any chosen mix of ECP and MWP before Move One. (j) 'c', 'i' (k) 'd', 'i' (l) 'd', 'g', 'i' (m) 'd', 'h, 'i' (n) 'h', 'i (o) 'g', 'h', 'i' (p) 'c', 'g', 'h', 'i'. Cumulative 5.16849473 x 10^50 now actualizes more-than-remotely-playable CVs of greater number than atoms in the Earth [Calculations show Earth to have 10^50 atoms], the running total so far.

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