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George Duke wrote on 2008-03-22 UTC
RN219 Northern Exposure [after 'Northern Exposure *TM*, see Disclaimer] (a) no effect (b) Joel Fleischman is misfit M.D., transplant from Flushing and Columbia, so Bishops move is normal, except last step requires one final step orthogonal 45 degrees right or left, as in half of Rennaissance Chess Cavalier pattern. (c) Maggie O'Connor the flyer is Falcon, altered to jump one only at option along pattern, not capturing the one jumped. (d) Ed Chigliak is Pawn (see also 'n') and Native Pawns mimic at option the nearest same-side piece's method, provided no friendly Pawn as close or closer. (e) Knight Chris Stevens at options retracts last move and moves from either square-location as bona fide present move. (f) Maurice Minnifield astranaut-King may jettison any check by 'invoking authority', meaning any friendly Pawn, protected by Pawn, may upon any check, interpose to any square thwarting said Check, in lieu of other move. (g)  Holling Vincoeur Rook, being French, operates from a pedestal. Rook cannot reach adjacent squares, but starts at Dabbabah square and moves onward. Additionally no castling, but anytime once-per-game switch(exchange of places) of King and Rook, provided King unchecked, regardless other disposition of pieces or prior movements. (h) Shelly Tambo Queen Northern Lights goes as Queen only up to 4 squares, jumping one permitted, as Falcon in 'c', with no permitted capturing the (first) unit overtaken. (i) b,c,d,e,f,g,h (j) 'i' with 'f' any protected piece also (k) 'j' with 'h' 5 squares (l) 'j' with 'c' up to two (m) 'k','l' (n) 'i' except 'e' has right-side Pawns(Marilyn Whirlwind) empowered with all-orthogonal-direction capture (no diagonal at all) only (o) j,n (p) k,n.   Cumulative 2.64856  x 10^49 CVs crosswise allowing up to 32 Mutators activated.
[The above one-paragraph chess quasi-parody, and self-parody, in yet serious untheatrical exposition, respecting copyright of USA television series 1990-1995, intends no commercial use or other publication whatsoever.]

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