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George Duke wrote on 2008-03-20 UTC
This is where early-17th-century RN (Champion) and BN (Centaur) actually come from, only one century after Mad Queen itself. Henry Bird in 1870's and Capablanca in 1920's have gotten more credit than they deserve. One of the two inventors of Seirawan Chess(2007, and lately commented) expresses surprise, saying approximately, ''apparently RN and BN have been around 400 years.'' They must have thought these compounds originated with Capablanca. It is really sorry commentary, speaking volumes on lax research into many CVs, not that one alone. Pietro Carrera made this breakthrough, and all since are tinkering around the edges. Betza, Karakas, and now the duo Seirawan-Harper would maintain the better embodiment for the two new strong pieces requires 8x8 not 8x10.

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