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George Duke wrote on 2008-01-17 UTC
RN216 Sinkhole. Player moves piece and also the Sinkhole. The Sinkhole has neither Warp Point Chess nor Jacks & Witches Teleporter-square modalities, but has some similarity. Strategic move to Sinkhole and loss of piece thereby may rarely open lines of attack. (a) no effect (b) Player moves piece/Pawn and then the Sinkhole mandatorily one square King-like. (c) b, Sinkhole moves Dabbabah-like. (d) b, Sinkhole moves Alfil-like. (e) b, Two symmetrically-placed Sinkholes by agreement (f) c,e (g) d,e (h) The piece (not Pawn) lost into Sinkhole immediately effects an upgrade of any chosen remaining piece with that one's moving ability, usually creating a compound. (E.g., Bishop moves to Sinkhole, disappears, and immediately a Knight by choice becomes Carrera Centaur (BN), a.k.a. Cardinal. (i) c,h (j) e,h (k) f,h (l) g,h (m) h, Pawn lost (deliberately or forcedly) to a Sinkhole upgrades King right away to promotable royal compound. In other words, that empowered King reaching the last rank promotes, as usual for Pawn, to royal NBRF (typical case, RN1) at option. (n) b, As alternate win condition, seven(7) pieces/Pawns lost into Sinkhole(s) win the game. (o) n, 6 pieces/Pawns (p) n, 5 pieces/Pawns. Cumulative: 3.321295296 x 10^46 distinct Chess games.

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