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This page is written by the game's inventor, M Winther.

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George Duke wrote on 2007-12-05 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
After a fashion differently, there are CVs having pieces converting without Pawn promotion. In Luotuoqi (2002) Dualist Monk, Entrant 12 not adopted for the Bishop, ''can expending one move separate into one Ferz and one Wazir.'' In my '91.5 Trillion...' Comment for 'RN202m' Passed Pawns, one's opponent may re-designate a piece promoted early to different piece. Other piece-power mechanisms related to Winther's 'Rook-to-Cannon-and-back', not involving any promotion of Pawn, include: Duniho's Fusion (1999) et al., Fourriere's Pocket Polypiece (2003), Gridlock's Converter (2004), Pocket Mutation (2003), Aronson's Illusionary (2003), Battle Chieftain (2002) designating new King when King is checkmated, Novo Chess (1937) Airplane leaving the Ship by square, Big Outer (1999) pieces that similarly change type by position of squares they are on, Delegating (2002) given powers by same-side coverage, the latter really copying Betza's Chess with Inverse Capture (1997) and several other 'Betzas' [Turning, Polypiece]. Thus varying degrees of similitude. Of course, Nomic Chess (2000 here, actually 1982 such as in Doug Hofstadter 'Mathemagical Themas' 1985) interprets, adapts most any Mutator, CV.

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