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George Duke wrote on 2007-11-14 UTCPoor ★
Chess Variant Page eliminated a couple of large Shogis in late 1990's because of pieces with 'Demon' appellation or hyphenation or two-word name one being 'Demon'. They were long articles showing large Chesses of more than 12 or 15 or even 20 pieces(types). The articles were interesting, and I for one was not finished studying them. One or more Editors thought 'Demon' was inappropriate, their prerogative, and the write-ups are long gone. There were brief explanation but no real follow-up commenting; it was generally accepted as Editorial policy. In any event, thus objecting to a game for the name and that being sufficient for 'Poor' are not without precedent, having occurred even in this same Shogi family. When we re-rate, we always add substance. Whale Shogi is Poor also for 8 piece-types on 36 squares, where an idealized from several standpoints would be 4 or 5. See Game Design thread Comments years 2003-2005, when standards of Comments were high before reduction in number of regular Commenters by the last year or 1 1/2 being dominated(downgrading) by fewer prolificists.

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