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George Duke wrote on 2007-09-25 UTCGood ★★★★
9x9 being unusual size, Mexican Carlos Cetina in this 1997 invention Coherent Chess probably emulated Puerto Rican(USA) Gabriel Maura's Modern Chess. Posted in CVPage in 1996, 9x9 Modern Chess was played internationally to some extent around the Caribbean in 1970's. There were only hundreds of CVPage posts then, and Cetina must have noticed Maura's. In turn, Maura himself likely was aware of North American Ben Foster's Chancellor Chess 9x9 also, as the main difference is switching from Marshall(RN) to Cardinal(BN) and going to same-coloured Bishop pair from Foster's off-center array. They are 'normalized' in Coherent Chess array with Bishops standing back to back centrally. The real novelty is first use of Sissa, later featured in Sissa Chess. Interesting Sissa is multi-path, two-path to Nightrider squares, and four-path to Rook squares. None of the pathways follow the typical Nightrider or Rook pathways. 'The [Sissas] gain more power when the board gets empty'. That remark precedes full game score taking up most of the essay. In 1990's and 2000, even when an article was not completely polished (including RBetza's usual one a week), there were always a newly-invented piece or clearly unique mechanism. None of today's perpetual 'new combination of elements' only and then the more vociferous the more attention.

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