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George Duke wrote on 2007-06-23 UTC
When Carrera's was invented, Shakespeare was still writing plays and
Newton was not yet born(1642). M. Winther writes, 'It is advantageous to
the opponent should White threaten mate in the opening,' in Teutonic
Chess, a new array of Carrera's Chess.  There's hardly a large Chess without
conceivable Fool's Mate in three, call it a threat or not. For example,
Falcon Chess 8x10. There, if White moves Ni1-h3, then -i5, it threatens
checkmate on the third move with the third move of that self-same Knight.
However, Black's simple reply Ni8-j6 stops the attack and faces White  with fork-mate threat in reverse, worsened by the i1-Knight's not being in place any more to thwart. So, exactly the same words of Winther apply, 'It is advantageous to the opponent...'

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