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George Duke wrote on 2007-06-21 UTCGood ★★★★
This is another interesting match to read, uncommented so far, of historically very important regional game. Great annotations! Absolutely right that every serious developer should annotate! With full respect for historicity, Makruk is yet [slightly] Below Average game to play by Chess Variant Page standards. Not likely to see Siam, or Thai, Chess voted hereabouts into tournament to play. Gralla in Comment to companion article 'Thai Chess Game,' recently re-posted, refers to 'all the other variants of Chess that are discussed at' Looking at Chessbase weekly for years, one finds referenced, let's see, Fischer Random Chess, this Makruk, FIDE Blindfold Chess... Was Losing Chess referred to once? Have there been other CVs at chessbase? Even Capablanca Chess is taboo there. Did we miss some ChessBase article discussing a slew of alternative Chesses? Or discussion area? There is certainly no prominence for other than beaten-to-death FIDE form, its time controls, or tinkering with how to reduce early agreed-on Draws, to the extent that is a variation. Blindfold Chess is ballyhooed every winter as some exotic departure in Monaco tournament, blindfoldly playing the same stock moves not impossible to memorize. Second Commenter Ludwig's enthusiasm for Thai Chess can be upended by the first strong computer program, a separate topic as to why to study or improve at these unchanged ancient forms of Chess when Computer knocks your socks off--and world champions'!

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