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Ludwig wrote on 2007-06-21 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Game of Draw?

Dear Everybody,

Every great game offers an equal opportunity of winning to both opposite
players. Let’s look around us, a card game of bridge, FIDE chess, draft
etc. are all games of draw, especially when the opponents do everything
right. No blunder I meant! Both players have equal chances of winning.
That’s fair for both the players with the same level skill of playing to
win. In boxing (all kinds of), do you think opponents have an equal chance
of winning. No! Why not? There are many factors but one depends on their
skills of fighting. They weigh the same, though. Turn to FIDE chess. It’s
also a game of draw. In these games we can see that a stronger player
(more skillful) always beat a weaker one. That is because of their skill,
isn’t it? Or in another their intelligence! In FIDE chess does a stronger
player always win over a weaker one. This happens too in Thai chess or

Things should not be judged by those who have not been qualified for them.
We don’t compare an F1 driver with a rally driver because they are
different. Remember both kind of races are involved with cars, but they
are different. Nobody judge which one is better. 

Every variant kind of chess is all different. Yes, they are chess but
different. In chess, results of playing always ends in draw, as we find in
FIDE chess. This is why a tournament of FIDE chess is composed for
opponents with many games, 19 games for example. In a tournament of Thai
chess, only three games (with 2 more tie-break games) are available for
the final round. This is not impossible for a stronger player to beat a
weaker one. I have been playing Thai chess for years. I have been knows
among friends that I am a strong player. I can say that Thai chess is not
a game of random or luck. It is a game of intelligence. Since the Thai
chess men are not so powerful as those of FIDE chess, the players
concentrate more and do everything right in each move to occupy the most
powerful area of the chess board. In Thai chess, this is more difficult. A
great play must learn how to take advantage to occupy the most important
squares with the least number of chess men. Thai chess is much more
strategic than FIDE chess, Vladimir Kramnik has said.

It’s fair to judge A superior to B without real acknowledgement.

A stronger player can win. (to be continued)

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