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Larry Smith wrote on 2006-07-29 UTC
I have updated this ZRF with a few rule changes:

1. The SOLDIER may now, after crossing the `River`, step additionally
up-right, down-right, up-left and down-left. This creates a nice 3x3 area
of influence to aid in mating the opposing GENERAL.

2. In the variant, the UNICORN, after crossing the `River`, may
additionally step any diagonal except NOT back across the `River`. This
allows the player to free this piece from its triagonal pattern and also
aids in mating the opposing GENERAL but maintains this piece as a rather
weak defensive piece on its side of the field.

3. The GENERALs now may not be in an orthogonal plane defined by both
their positions without any other piece located in the same. This
introduces the planar move to this game and increases the power of the
GENERAL in the endgame.

I also made a slight coding adjustment to increase the value of the
CANNON, not any change of its movement. This was to help the Zillions
engine in evaluation of this pieces, increasing its potential survival
into the endgame when playing the game solo.

These changes have helped reduce the number of potential moves in the
average game from over 200 to a little over 100. It also reduces the
number of pieces needed in the endgame to accomplish a mating position.

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