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Fergus Duniho wrote on 2006-07-15 UTC

Here are the modified results of this poll. I subtracted two votes for each previous email tournament a game has been in that was sponsored by this site. This only includes multivariant tournaments run by myself, Antoine Fourriere, or Glenn Overby. Since games with seven votes still numbered fewer than the voters, I also included games with six votes in the final results. Not counting Chaturanga, which as far as anyone knows is the same as Shatranj, there will be 35 games to rank in the upcoming poll. Since Falcon Chess and Falcon Chess 100 are both protected by the Falcon Chess patent, I will leave them out unless I receive permission from George Duke to include them in the tournament. That would leave 33 games to rank.

Crazyhouse	14
Omega Chess	15 - 2
Grand Shatranj	11
Dimension X	10
Time Travel Chess	10
Switching Chess	9
Falcon Chess	9
Templar Chess	9
Anti-King Chess II	11 - 2
Voidrider Chess	8
Great Shatranj	8
Sky	8
Cannons of Chesstonia	8
Catapults of Troy	8
Alice Chess	12 - 4
Janus Chess	7
Yáng Qí	7
Avalanche Chess	7
Storm the Ivory Tower	7
Mir Chess	7
Korean Chess	7
Shatranj of Troy	7
Pocket Mutation Chess	11 - 4
Capablanca's Chess	6
Capablanca Random Chess	6
Fusion Chess	6
Moderate Progressive Chess	6
Neutral King Chess	6
Falcon Chess 100	6
Shako	6
Shatranji	6
Modern Shatranj	6
Berolina Chess	6
Glinski's Hexagonal Chess	8 - 2
Rococo	10 - 4

The following games didn't make it, because they lost votes from being in previous tournaments.

Caïssa Britannia	7 - 2
Fischer Random Chess	7 - 2
Hostage Chess	7 - 2
Chess	7 - 2
Extinction Chess	9 - 4
Shogi	11 - 6
Ultima	6 - 2
Shatranj	6 - 2
Eurasian Chess	6 - 2
Chess with Different Armies	6 - 2
Marseillais Chess	6 - 2
Maxima	8 - 4
Grand Chess	9 - 6
Chinese Chess	8 - 6
Kamikaze Mortal Shogi	6 - 4

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