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Jeremy Good wrote on 2006-06-21 UTC

At the moment I am writing this, there are a slew of games caught at the five vote mark, just below what would appear to be a qualifying threshold (of course that threshold could change if many more games get six votes). Among those with five votes, one of the games I would most like to see added is Gifford's Time Travel Chess. It is a very fascinating game that I have heretofore played hideously, losing fairly quickly. This is a game that deserves to be played a lot more. I have a feeling that it has some exciting hidden dynamics that have yet to be exploited by anyone. I hope it will garner some more votes.

Another I'd like to see played is Voidrider Chess, a game I've always wanted to play. (I once sent out an invitation to play it but nobody accepted.) It seems like another very ingenious Fergus Duniho game.

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