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John Ayer wrote on 2006-05-05 UTC
And very interesting it is! Still, a few thoughts bubble up. A different piece is listed in the Piececlopedia under the name 'Duke,' and the inventor is Eric Greenwood. The piece that combines Man and horse is usually known as a centaur, and I wish we could be a little more consistent. Then, I know, you would have had to find a different initial for the crowned rook, or rook-ferz, also known as a Dragon King.

The knights are at a disadvantage so far from the center, but the duke and squirrel are admirably placed and armed to do the knights' usual duty.

With the guard in front of the king, I personally wouldn't bother with a king's pawn.

Not only is the king probably safer where he is, I don't think castling makes much sense on a board so broad.

Your exposition of your logic is indeed instructive. The notes at Emperor Chess show most of the steps by which I evolved that game into something that I think should be much better; when I have gotten someone to play-test it with me (next month, I hope) I intend to offer that one, too.

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