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Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2006-02-17 UTC
Finally, it is here, 'The Travelers' Zillions rules file. It was not easy: at first, I was unable to implement the Displacer´s capabilities in a good manner. Antoine Fourriére and Larry Lynn Smith sent to me solutions, being that of Larry very nice and perfectly functional for the way I figured the best for the players point of view, so I have chosen it for the project, and many optimizations of the code made by Larry. After that, the ZRF played correctly, but fatally poorly. We have had two problems: The ZRF undervaluated the Displacer´s value, the AI recognizes, for that purpose, the mobility of the Displacer, but it does not consider the moved enemy piece to an usually bad position, I believe this is part of the movement of the Displacer, and a very important part of its power. Undervaluated, the ZRF tendence was exchange the Displacer by a small piece, falling in inferior positions quickly and losing the games without great fight. I have had to inflate the value of the Displacer, but augmenting the number of positions analyzed by the AI a lot; taking onto the balance, I preferred this alternative. But there was another big problem: The Travelers´s tendence was to stay in their initial positions, without clarity on the fact thay it have to advance to the goals if they want a victory. After many ideas from Larry and me, all of them unsuccessful, I ideated a very artificious trick that worked, using some very complex 'win and loss conditions'. The final ZRF is a very, very decent opponent, as you can see. Try it!.

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