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The Piececlopedia is intended as a scholarly reference concerning the history and naming conventions of pieces used in Chess variants. But it is not a set of standards concerning what you must call pieces in newly invented games.

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boss einstein-inc wrote on 2006-01-24 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Date  sent:  Mun = 1-23-06, 642pm-CST-USA

     CV Members are invited to join the BURNS CAMPAIGN, -for
Mayor-to-POTUS, '06-'08.

     E-Box = [email protected]

     Surface mail:  A. Burns
                    1210 S Cheyenne Ave #303
                    TULSA OK 74119

     My contribution:  Extend Sirotkin Chess(above) to permit
Berolina-Standard Pawns in Standard Chess.  Wetbax(Spanish-Arabian
descent) can
master it, -under traditional Chess/Variant culture, back to Capablanca,
the great experimenter.  I have played this CV2x now, with same results:
The higher ranked player at Standard/Western/Risky Chess will win out,
-most uv the time.  ... Time control can be set.  Other Rules remain
same-same.  It gives MORE POWER to the Pawns, -means people, so should now
be popular with CHEEZDIX worldwide.  ... I do not frown on the unusual side
capture and side moves, to permit pawns to move like forward-going knights,
forward-going bishops, -max = 2 squares diagonally, and side and forward
moving rooks, 1 or 2 squares to sides or forward, but not to capture and
move in same-same turn.  To capture, the pawn must be positioned to
capture like a standard pawn or berolina bishop pawn or berolina rook
pawn, moving onto only an adjacent square to capture a pice or pawn or the
king.  New FIDE Rules by Arbiter requires a player to capture a king to end
the game.  If such capture possible but ignored, the move made stands, -and
king can be captured or ignored again later.  This invokes FIDE Rule
10.1(Game Delay), to avoid calling The Arbiter on yourself, uncder 5h
Amendment Rule, US Constitution in USA.  

     For legalities/legitimacy write FIDE-President, c/o Putin(Premier) in
Sovs/RF, Kremlin/Capital, Musko RF.  They will supply a FREE TRANSLATOR,
fum your language into Russian, and into Kalmykiyan, Elista the capital
there, where FIDE President got appointed President uv that Independent
Republic in or under the RF(Russian Federation) by Putin, a friend. 
Official Diplomatic Position by RF iz that Russians are too convervative
to change and try CV, just like in USA.  Ergo, fight the Conservative

     Thus, you must post messages and write articles to propagate The
BURNS CAMPAIGN, for Mayor-to-POTUS, '06-08.  Elections are now called, by
City Hall-Tulsa in NEO, in USA, for early March and early April, '06.  #

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