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Rob 1962 wrote on 2005-07-22 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I saw part of this page on an ebay auction for TTB. It inspired me to dust off the old set I was given for Christmas 1970 or '71. I requested it as a present from Santa after seeing a really cool TV ad for it, with the figures shot in close up. So I have not only dusted it off but repaired the board, and given the Brain's heads a new lick of black enamel paint. Amazingly all the guys are there. A couple of Numskulls got broken over the years but glued fine. I have just played with my 13 year old son - great fun and a whole new world for him. I had never heard of Smess or All the Kings Men before. Circa 1975 I played an even weirder spin off game called Daft Draughts with all Ninnies, but called 'Quacks' or something, on a board with swirls and spirals instead of squares, as I recall. Does anyone remember that? And finally I am currently rehearsing the part of Freddie in the musical 'Chess' to complete the loop.

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