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Adam DeWitt
User ID: ChessShogi

Last Logged on 2020-11-29 16:59:36.

Adam is a registered member.

I first stumbled across this site back in 2016 when I found an image of Fergus Duniho's Gross Chess. This image ignited my interest in chess variants. Later on that year, I also developed an interest in Shogi variants as well. I have invented several variants myself. In fact, shortly after I found the image of Gross Chess I went on a "chess variant inventing spree," though I would end up scrapping many of those games. However, I have preserved a few of them, and I still carry my passion for Chess, Shogi, and their variants to this day.

The address that I used to join this site is not displayed because it is my father's email address and not my own. If you wish to send me a message via email, please put [email protected] in the recipient box. (Note: Because the address above is a Gmail address, you will not be able to send messages to me via the Chess Variant Pages.)

IMPORTANT: When you use my ID in Game Courier, use chessshogi instead of ChessShogi. Sinning against this directive will cause the games to not appear on my Games for Game Courier Page. This is because the code running the site is case-sensitive in some places, but not in others. For other uses, using ChessShogi should not cause any problems, but for safe keeping, it is best to use chessshogi instead.

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