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Ultimatum is a Zillions-of-Games file. It is categorized as: Two dimensional.

Ultimatum ZIP file. Variant of Ultima that adds a FIDE-Queen and an Advancer in place of one Long-Leaper and one Chameleon.

By Roberto Lavieri.


Ultimatum, an ULTIMA variant that adds a FIDE-Queen and an Advancer in place of one Long-Leaper and one Chameleon. The setup has been modified. I think all bugs have been corrected, but the code still may need some refinement, minor work. I´m not sending a formal description yet. I hope some collective discussion around this variant. I want to sustitute the Withdrawer; this piece seems to be not the best for the game, but I´m am not decided about what piece to adopt for the game instead of the Withdrawer, and eventually for the Coordinator, although I don't want to drop the Coordinator from the game. I want ideas! If any of you have some, please e-mail me; I´ll try to consider each one before I release a new version, with a collective collaboration in its conception. The soul of Ultima must be mantained; the idea is a more dynamic and interesting game, trying to correct some of the details noted in Ultima game play, but preserving as much as possible its personality. The game has changed, now the board is 9x9, setup has changed, new pieces are added (range-1 Archer and Jumper), Pincer-Pawns are now initially in third and seveth rows. This is a very dynamic proposal for an Ultima variant, with some elements of the suggested Rococo variant but without the extra-squares, plus the FIDE-Queen, 1-Archer and the Jumper, a mix between Queen and Cannon-Pawn. The game play is normally open. It can be easely noted that the game play is enterely different than in Ultima, but not as violent as in Rococo. Try it and send me comments.

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The board used for this game has 8 row(s), 8 column(s), 64 cells/squares.
This game is a 2 player game.
Invented in the year 2004. [2003-2005]. [1999-2009].

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