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Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations is a shop item. It is categorized as: From ancient times. This item is located on a site outside of

Board and Table Games from Many CivilizationsA shop item
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Author: R. C. Bell.


This is an excellent book if your into playing board games (the Chess/checkers/Backgammon kind rather than the Monopoly/Careers kind). This book has 150+ traditional board games from around the world, some ancient and many very fun to play! If your into other cultures or just want something different to play, its a good book. A number of ones not in standard American repertoire, in this book: Go, an unusual oriental game said to be on par with Chess(still unbeaten by computers) Chinese, Japanese, Burmese and Arab versions of Chess, and the ancient ancestor of them all. Hnefa-tafl, a clever Viking game Latrunculi, the Roman's game of intellect Mancala and co., a very weird and very fun group of games, called "the National Game of Africa" OK, I'm outta time here, ya get the idea ;)

Reviewer from:
Mason City, IA, USA
September 3, 1997


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