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Omega Chess is a link to an external site. It is categorized as: Two dimensional, Large board, Sold commercially. This item is located on a site outside of

Omega ChessA link to an external site
. Commercial chess variant on board with 104 squares.

Author: Hans L. Bodlaender.


A chess variant, endorsed and played by several of the strongest chess players in the world - I know of no commercial chess variant that gained that much attention from top chess players besides Omega Chess. Omega chess is a chess variant, played on an enlarged board, and besides the pieces we know, there are two new ones: a champion and a wizard. A good quality production, and an entertaining and thought-provoking game contribute to the succes and popularity of this game. More reviews can be found via the links below.


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The board used for this game has 10 row(s), 10 column(s), 104 cells/squares.

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